Transforming Europe's largest golf retailer for Private Equity turnaround.

Setting new standards in customer experience for the sector, our design and delivery of this pilot store yields a dynamic sports environment catering for golfers of all levels.

We refreshed and updated the brand, along with a new suite of graphic application and envelope treatment.

The latest technology and interactive features are employed to assist with game improvement and fitting, while the major brands are presented within an entire new suite of fixtures and fittings for hardware and apparel.

The store leads with an apparel department, where brands are represented in defined zones. The modular system incorporates interchangeable graphic print and digital media which allow for easy updates and refreshed content.

Custom fitting plays a key role in the retail proposition, and these functions are delivered in focussed areas which reflect the value of the services offered.

Hardware and accessories are merchandised on bespoke fixtures and fittings which display each individual item in a consistent and regulated format.

Hardware brands have graphic and digital opportunities within the fixtures to highlight features and benefits of their products.

The footwear department continues the same presentation principles employed throughout the store, and brings a market-leading proposition to a category that generates a reason to visit for customers.